Angelica Clyman and Stephanie Rodriguez
Oil on canvas
30" x 40"


Beyond Reflection is a series of diptych paintings in which the artists of the Janus Bridge collective explore the myriad facets of their own identities.  The images share an expressive treatment of the figure, referencing literary and historical sources, popular culture, contemporary life and dreamlike glimpses of the future.  This series uses self-portraits as a means of investigation, as well as incorporates collaborative works that involve the artists’ perceptions of each other.  Beyond  Reflection acknowledges and challenges the historical model of the artist and storyteller as a male figure looking out to the viewer from the picture plane, and questions the dual natures of the prescribed roles women have been expected to perform. 

First Reflections

Lost Serenade                                                  Internal Crossroads
Stephanie Rodriguez                                         Angelica Clyman
Oil on canvas                                                    Oil on wood
30" x 40"                                                          30" x 40"


Literary Heroines

Motive Power                                                 Fight Against Fate
Angelica Clyman                                            Stephanie Rodriguez
Oil on wood                                                    Oil on canvas
30" x 40"                                                         30" x 40"


Impressions of Childhood
    Label Scar                                                        Memories of Bobo
            Angelica Clyman                                              Stephanie Rodriguez
            Oil on wood                                                      Oil on canvas
            30" x 40"                                                           30" x 40"

Collaborative Paintings

Oil and mixed media on paper
18" x 24"

Oil and mixed media on paper                                                 
             18" x 24"