Janus Bridge in City Link's Fresh Art 02/15/11

Who We Are...

Janus Bridge is an experimental collaboration between two Miami-based artists, Angelica Clyman and Stephanie Rodriguez.
Our shared goal is to explore the tradition of self-portrait painting. We wish to resurrect this timeless art form, maintaining a contemporary spirit by connecting the individual with universal themes.
These concerns were the impetus to form this partnership, but the main function of our continuing teamwork is to create an environment where our work can evolve. The Janus Bridge partnership allows the freedom to work together with constant dialog, critique and support. We are embarking upon new artistic territory and hope to grow and change in the process. The exciting part of our alliance is to see what will happen to our own works as we move further into this series.
We chose to name our art collective after Janus, a Roman god with two connecting faces that gaze outward in opposite directions. We identify with this image because, although our paintings are stylistically different, we share one philosophy.
The fruits of our collaboration answer the question: "What would happen if two sides of the same coin met?

 Solo Exhibitions


• Beyond Reflection

 ArtCenter/South FL, Miami Beach, FL

Group Exhibitions


• Through the Eyes of Love

Miami International University of Art and Design, Miami, FL

• Hopes and Hand Grenades 

1310 Gallery at the Sailboat Bend Lofts, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


• Love Thy Liberty 


  1310 Gallery at Sailboat Bend Lofts, Ft Lauderdale, FL

Monsters Under My Bed
Bear and Bird Gallery, Ft. Lauderdale, FL



• Janus Bridge: Fresh Art
City Link, Ft. Lauderdale

• Communal Art, Angie Hargot
The Lead, Miami Beach

• Janus Bridge Art Collective, Colleen Dougher
City Link Art Murmur